Beau Massage and Beauty offers a variety of Facials.

I have tried and tested many beauty products, but with over 25 years of experience in Skincare, I have chosen to use MONU. Their unique products utilise the special properties of pure, natural ingredients in plants, herbs, minerals and essential oils. MONU products are free from damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes and synthetic colours, nor do they test on animals. MONU harnesses the remarkable recuperative power of nature to soothe, nurture and protect your skin and refresh your inner being. I also love the fact that MONU Skincare is fairly local in Cheltenham. 

Monu express facial 

For those in a hurry

Monu aromatic facial 

A soothing relaxing facial with essential oils to suit all skin types

Monu Algae Facial 

A revitalising, soothing and lifting treatment containing Aloe Vera, Seaweed and Allantoin

AHA peel facial from 

Gentle yet effective great for irritated skin or the mature skin

Monu active collagen facial 

Designed to reduce signs of ageing and rehydrate the skin using freeze-dried collagen


Monu resurface and peel facial 

Reveal a smoother more vibrant complexion 

Renu facial 

A luxury deeply regenerating and nourishing facial for mature skin

Microdermabrasion - Single treatment or Course of 6 

A deep exfoliating and refining skin procedure which leaves your skin looking and feeling smoother after one treatment. This improves the appearance of scars and fine lines. Includes light therapy, thermotherapy and ultrasound.

Anti ageing non surgical facelift - Single treatment or Course of 10

A lifting and firming treatment using microcurrent, real result on lines and skin appearance. Includes light therapy, thermotherapy and ultrasound.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion allows the therapist to perform mechanical exfoliation based on the safe and controlled removal of the epidermis, layer by layer, without the use of messy (and expensive) crystals.

Instead, the Diamond Tip abrasion method uses various size heads which allow the therapist to treat all target areas, even around the eyes.

Performing Diamond Tip abrasion using your DermaCo Pro system is quick and painless and will rejuvenate and regenerate your skin. Following the moderate removal of the top layers of the epidermis, there will be a period of increased growth of new skin cells. The new cells will travel outwards and replace the old dead cells that have been removed by microdermabrasion.

Most crystal-based therapy leaves you with tender skin as the treatment can be very harsh on the sensitive Baselayer. With the DermaCo Pro exfoliation is a gradual process and there is no risk of deep, unequal exfoliation or scarring.

What are the benefits of Microdermabrasion?

Improvement of skin tone, colour and texture
Increased elasticity
Reduction of enlarged pores
Removal of surface skin lines and wrinkles
Removal of discolouration caused by sun damage Reduction of oily skin
Fresher and younger-looking skin

Single treatment or a course of six

Facelift anti-ageing facial

Micro-current therapy was developed over 20 years ago and was originally a medical treatment to re-educate weakened facial muscles in stroke victims and those who have suffered Bells Palsy.

Micro-current has been adapted by the beauty industry to give beauty therapists the ability to offer clients a course of treatments that would effectively tone and firm facial muscle fibre. It is a safe and painless treatment procedure that rejuvenates the skin; giving the clients healthier-looking contours and making them look much younger. After just one treatment there will be a noticeable lift but, depending on the client’s individual skin tone and muscle resistance levels, results can vary.

An initial consultation is required with you to assess your individual body make up. Following this, you should complete a course of ten treatments spread over a 3-4 week period. To maintain this new lifted and toned appearance the client should then have one treatment every 4-8 weeks to maintain your new youthful appearance. 

The DermaCo Pro unit uses Micro-current to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin’s surface. The Micro-current emits a very tiny amount of electrical current that, applied to the skin's surface, pushes through the dermal layers of the skin tissue and penetrates the muscles beneath. When the current comes into contact with the muscle it re-educates the muscle fibres by using an intermittent electrical current (Faradic) that is biologically compatible with the body’s own natural electrical energy – sometimes referred to as "chi." These muscle fibres contract and relax achieving an incredible end result leaving your skin lifted and toned. 

Because the application of Micro-current is sub-sensory there is no pain. Although some clients may feel a slight tingling sensation, normally you will only feel the probes and the pressure of muscles being manipulated.

Single treatment or course of ten 

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